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Welcome to Free Black Desert online Pearls! We give out Black desert online Pearls to our users for free, this way you can easily get tons of Pearls for BDO at any time and enjoy the cash shop and game to the fullest without getting Daum Cash! To claim your 800 free pearls all you have to do is complete just a single offer from one of our sponsors, if you first share our page by +1, liking or tweeting it you have a chance to win an additional code for 800 pearls, totaling 1600 pearls! Every third user gets a second Pearls code. There are offers available for every region and they never take longer than a minute or 2 complete. We have given out a ton of codes so far but have many more left! By far the quickest and easiest way to get your Black Desert Online Pearls!

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How does this website work, how do I get my pearls?

Its very easy! As soon as you have completed one of the offers on our website by clicking ‘Get your Pearls’ you will receive a code you can redeem in Black Desert Online for 800 pearls, code redeem instructions can be found on the low end of our website. The process never takes more than a couple of minutes, however when our server is under heavy load it can take another couple of minutes for the site to confirm completion, if this happens just wait a few minutes for the database to catch up and process the completion. Be sure to use real information for the offers to complete properly. You will receive a code that is redeemable for 800 Black desert online pearls, if you share our site on social media via the buttons on the left first you have a chance to get a 2nd code. **If nothing shows when you click the ‘get your pearls’ button, be sure to turn off your adblock plugin and afterwards refresh the page**

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What are Black desert Online Pearls and what can you do with them?

Pearls are the premium currency in used black desert online, you can spend them in the pearl cash shop in the game and buy them with daum cash. BDO has 2 separate cash shops: The pearl shop and the mileage shop. The pearl shop is the premium game shop and as the name implies you spend your pearls in this store that you get with daum cash. The mileage shop can be seen as a veteran rewards program as every day you log in your character you get 100 miles to spend in the mileage shop. The mileage shop includes small items improving your quality of life in the game, such as experience boosters and partial skill resets. The pearl shop includes everything else from costumes to large carry weight increases along with many other convenience and vanity items that make your life better in Black Desert Online. Using our free Daum Cash and free Black Desert Online Pearls you can enjoy the game to the fullest!

About Black Desert Online





Black Desert Online is a Korean made massively multiplayer online role playing game set in a high fantasy setting. It has been in development since 2010 and an entirely new game engine was created by the game by its Asian developers Pearl Abyss. This enables the game to render huge landscapes and giant player versus player battles, including hundreds of players and immense castles! Black desert online is a very large sandbox mmo that provides a plethora of unique gameplay experiences, whether you want to farm and decorate house house or partake in pve or pvp the game offers something for everyone! The game really shines in its end-game Player versus player features, showcasing immense strategy filled castle sieges and a wealth of political intrigue. The game offers one of the first mmorpg game worlds that truly feels alive, with NPCs roaming and going about their business. In Black Desert online a city truly feels like a city both in scope and population. The pvp is fueled by a factional system, the people of Calpheon and the people of Valencia are entrenched in an eternal struggle over the lands of the black desert and its huge keeps.

Black Desert online releases with 7 classes below you will find a small description of each:

The warrior : A strong sword fighter using its shield to protect itself and root enemies.

The Ranger: A nimble women of the woods, harass enemies with barrages of deadly arrows and take out your targets from a distance.

The Sorceress: An evil mistress of the black arts of magic, sorceresses can cast various evil spells on their foe’s, and can attack from any range.

The Berserker: One of the most destructive classes wielding two giant axes, these hulks of violence can shake the ground with their attacks and will kill anyone within distance.

The Valkyrie: These angel like creatures are infused with sacred powers, they excel in both the arts of magic and physical combat and help their friends with buffs and heals.

The Wizard and The Witch: A young generation of witches and wizards has emerges, using the power of the elements to channel great destructive power towards their enemies.

BDO also has various non combat related trading skills and professions some of which include gathering, fishing, crafting and horse taming. Horse taming is a very unique system and allows you to tame and breed horses to create new lineages of horses. The game also features an intricate conversation system that makes sure that every single NPC in the world of Black Desert feels alive, you will be able to discover secrets and get on the good or bad side of people opening up new possibilities. All these great gameplay features are accompanied by one of the most advanced mmorpg graphics engines on the market featuring huge viewdistances and grande landscapes, smooth animation and dynamic weather and day/night effects. You can gaze for hours at the solar cycles and can be amazed at the puddles collecting when the rain starts, this is truly a next generation mmorpg. The game can be enjoyed to the fullest using our Black Desert Online Free Pearls and Daum Cash !




How to Redeem

To complete an offer and receive your free black desert pearls click on the get my pearls button above. A new window will appear, select the option most suitable to you and it will bring you to a new website. Follow the instructions the new site gives you on your screen, make sure you use real info when filling out the form or it might not complete properly, you may also get an e-mail to confirm.


After you have received your Black Desert online free pearls code from us, you’re only a simple step away from redeeming it to your BDO account. Head on over to your black desert online account management page via their main website by logging in and pressing account on the upper right. On this screen find a button that says “redeem key” you will then be directed to a page where you can enter the pearls code you received from us.